M&L Machine, Inc.
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About Us

M&L Machine, Inc. owner Mark Mathieson has, for over 30 years, built a solid reputation as a local machining and mfg company. Mark has served the Medical, Electronics, Marine and Aerospace sectors as a job shop for many local prime contractors and OEM's. Mark's background in machining, programming, mfg and company management has provided the overall support needed to grow a successful business.  He has been able to maximize efficiency and thereby offer a higher quality product for a fair price.

Tom Rochefort joined Mark at M&L Machine in 2004 as a programmer and machinist. His industry background gives him the flexibility to run machines, program complex parts and manage the day to day operations and the skilled machinists on staff. This provides the shop the backbone to keep daily operations running efficiently. 

This teamwork creates a support system for the customer and M&L Machine as a supplier that results in a winning relationship for both. 

A good reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success that does not seek to profit by cutting corners. M&L
Machine believes that a good reputation and consistent good service will reap steady work and profits in the long run.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or contact by e-mail or cell:

General Contact
Mark Mathieson
Office: 360-825-4700
Cell: 425-531-1434

A/P and A/R contact
Sharon Meehan 
Office: 360-825-4700

E-mail for a timely and comprehensive quote!

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